Drug Crimes

We’ve Handled Thousands of Drug Cases in Wake County. How Many Other Law Firms Can Say That?

A Wake County Drug Charge Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Life.

Contact our firm for a FREE one hour consultation to discuss the possible defenses in your drug case. Certain issues can lead to a dismissal or another acceptable outcome. There is too much at stake for you to settle on an inexperienced attorney. Don’t give up on your case before speaking with us.

Why Our Firm is Different

  • Steven Saad has handled thousands of drug charges and has experience in hundreds of trials in front of both judges and juries.
  • Steven is a former Wake County District Attorney who supervised all misdemeanor drug cases charged in this county.
  • Steven has held positions as a Wake County Supervising Prosecutor, a Superior Court DWI Prosecutor, and a Superior Court Drug Prosecutor.

    Steven Saad is a Raleigh and Wake County criminal defense attorney with years of legal experience as both a defender of the accused and a former Wake County prosecutor. He is passionate about representing the people of his community that have unfortunately found themselves involved in our criminal system. Obtaining the best possible results in his clients’ cases is Steven’s only motivation.

    During his years as a Wake County District Attorney, Steven prosecuted tens of thousands of criminal cases, giving him unparalleled insight into the criminal court process in Wake County. He thrives on the fact that a case can be won or lost in the smallest details, making preparation and communication with clients critical throughout the entirety of a case.

    Don’t waste an opportunity to discuss your case with an experienced and effective defense attorney and former Wake County prosecutor. Contact us today.