Common Traffic Violations

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When a North Carolina driver is issued a traffic ticket they can be assessed two different types of points, insurance points and DMV points.

North Carolina Insurance Points

North Carolina insurance points are assigned by the North Carolina Department of Insurance when determining how much your insurance company can charge you for car insurance.  The North Carolina Safe Driver Incentive Plan (SDIP) was formed in the 1950’s and is designed to financially motivate citizens to drive safely.  Under this plan, drivers that accumulate points will pay between 25% and 340% in increased insurance premiums.  Included below is a chart of different driving charges and the insurance points associated with each one.

There are a few exceptions to the point system shown above. First, no insurance points will be assessed to your policy for accidents with no injuries or property damage less than $1,800 (if there is no conviction for a related moving violation, and all other driver’s d on the policy have had a clean driving record for the past 3 years). Second, no insurance points will be assessed for speeding 10 mph or less (if not in a school zone) as long as there are no other moving violation’s on you record for the past three years. Third, a driver may use one Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) every three years (as long as no other driver i on your auto insurance policy has used a PJC in the last 3 years).

Insurance points that are assessed to your policy will effect your rates for the three following years.  The table below shows how insurance points will impact your auto insurance premiums.

North Carolina DMV Points

DMV points or driver’s license points, are assessed to your driving record by the North Carolina DMV. This point system helps the North Carolina DMV determine if you can keep your driver’s license.  Generally, a person’s driver’s license will be suspended if they accumulate 12 or more DMV points within a three year period.  Below is a list of driving charges and the amount of DMV Points associated with each one.

Choosing the Right Wake County Traffic Attorney

In light of all this information, it becomes terribly important for you and your family that traffic violations are handled in the most beneficial way. Making a mistake in one of these cases could cost you a lot of money and, in some instances, your privilege to drive in North Carolina.

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