Probation Violation

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In the event that someone is convicted of a crime, the judge determines which punishment is appropriate, and that may include a term of supervised probation. In many cases, probation is given instead of an active jail sentence. If someone is placed on supervised probation, they will be expected to follow a long list of requirements which may include:

  • regular office visits with their probation officer
  • monthly supervision fees
  • house arrest and/or curfews
  • random drug testing
  • random house searches
  • weekends in jail

This list is only a few of the possible requirements that could be placed on someone with a probationary sentence in Raleigh and Wake County. Generally, a person is placed on supervised probation for a term of 12, 18, or 24 months depending on the facts of the case and their prior criminal record.

Different Types of Probation Violations

With so many requirements for a person placed on probation, there are dozens of ways that their probation can be violated. These violations are so common in Wake County that there are dedicated courtrooms for people charged with violation their probation. Wake County probation officers have assigned court dates as well. Whenever one of these officers feel that someone has, even mistakenly, violated a term of their probation, they will serve that person with a violation report, and that person will have a mandatory court date to determine whether further punishment is warranted.

Common Wake County probation violations include:

  • Failing to appear in a different court case
  • Missing an office visit with your probation officer
  • Falling behind in paying probation fees
  • Failing to complete community service or treatment when ordered by sentencing judge
  • Failing to pay restitution in cases certain
  • Failing a random drug test
  • Committing a new criminal offense while on probation
  • Leaving the county or moving without informing your probation officer

Defending a Probation Violation in Wake County

There are a number of ways that probation violations case be resolved depending on the allegation. For issues involving money, being behind in probation fees or restitution, probation can generally be extended to give someone time to comply. For other types of offenses, a probation officer may ask that someone complete community service hours or spend a few weekend in jail. In the most severe probation violation cases, a probation officer can request that a person’s probation be revoked. A revocation of probation results in a person going to jail for the term of their suspended sentence.

By hiring an experienced probation violation attorney, someone will have a much better chance of disposing a probation violation without adding addition requirements or punishment.

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