Speeding Charges

The run-of-the-mill speeding ticket can create serious issues for you and possibly others on your insurance policy. On top of the court costs and fines, people commonly face the loss of their driver’s license and a huge spike in their insurance premiums. Wake County has recently made it easy for citizens to pay off speeding tickets online. Understand that by paying the ticket in this way you are pleading guilty, and in some cases speeding is considered a misdemeanor criminal charge. Regardless of how minor you think your speeding charge is, never handle one without at least speaking to an experienced criminal attorney first.

Steven Saad has experience in 10,000’s of speeding and traffic charges in Raleigh and Wake County. During his time as a Wake County District Attorney, Steven held the position of District Court Supervisor which put him in charge of every speeding and traffic ticket issued in Wake County. You will be hard pressed to find another Wake County traffic lawyer with that type of experience.

Unfortunately, North Carolina allows attorneys to advertise by sending people letters in the mail. These attorneys hire a company to send them the names and addresses of everyone charged with a speeding or traffic ticket everyday. The attorneys then send out boilerplate letters that outline their fees and services. Do yourself a favor;


Any lawyer who can quote a fee before speaking to you about the specifics in your case is not worth hiring. How do they know if you were actually speeding? How do they know if there was an accident? How do they know if you have an accuse or defense to your charge? The answers to these questions are not as important as covering the overhead at these letter writers’ offices.

Contact our firm to schedule a free consultation with traffic ticket attorney Steven Saad, a lawyer who needs to hear everything about your charge before deciding the best course of action. Generally, speeding or traffic charge have numerous possible outcomes, and Steven will not be satisfied until his client is completely aware of each one. Do not jeopardize your insurance, driver’s license, or livelihood by handling a speeding ticket alone.