Who We Are

Saad Law is led by Steven Saad, a Raleigh and Wake County criminal attorney with years of legal experience as both a defender of the accused and a former Wake County prosecutor. He is passionate about representing the people of his community that have unfortunately found themselves in the criminal system. Steven is motivated by only one thing: getting the best result in his cases regardless of how much time or energy it may take.

Steven is a Wake County native and graduate of Campbell Law School who has focused his entire career on criminal cases in Raleigh and the surrounding towns. His family immigrated to Raleigh from Egypt to start a family-based business and, through their experiences, instilled in Steven the values and work ethic he has carried into his criminal defense practice.

“Every criminal case is David versus Goliath. The government’s resources are deep and almost unlimited. I enjoy constantly reminding myself and our courts that David won.”

While in law school Steven served as an intern in the both the Wake County District Court Judges’ Office and Wake County District Attorney’s Office and earned the privilege to try criminal cases under supervision before graduating.

That experience resulted in him being hired as a Wake County Assistant District Attorney where he tried a range of criminal cases from traffic offenses and DWIs to serious felonies such as robbery and murder. Part of his job involved assessing felony cases, including reviewing evidence and interviewing witnesses, to determine whether charges should be filed.

During his years as a Wake County District Attorney, Steven prosecuted tens of thousands of criminal cases, giving him unparalleled insight into the criminal court process in Wake County. In his career as a prosecutor, Steve held numerous positions including:

District Court Supervisor, managing attorney in charge of all misdemeanor prosecutions;

  • Special DWI Prosecutor;
  • Special Probation Violation Prosecutor;
  • Special Misdemeanor Appeals Prosecutor;
  • Felony Drug Unit Prosecutor.

When Steven subsequently entered the practice of criminal defense, he used what he learned as a district attorney to fight on behalf of people accused of crimes in Wake County. He understands that a lawyer must genuinely care about the results of each case and its potential impact on a defendant’s life and family. Having worked in both sides of the criminal justice system, Steven has seen how damaging the consequences of a conviction can be for a defendant in a criminal case. He also understands and thrives on the fact that a case can be won or lost in the smallest details, making preparation and communication with clients critical throughout a case. Steven relishes utilizing his knowledge, experience, and skills in a way that allows him to offer help to people accused of crimes, to avoid or minimize the effects of a conviction, and to stand up for their rights against the weight and influence of the government.

Outside of practicing law, Steven enjoys soccer, traveling, and backgammon.